About Us

Bayul Creations is an emerging Start-Up, based out of Chumbong, a remote village in Western Sikkim, pushing for the popularization of hand-woven Crochet products as an instrument to empower rural women.

Bayul aims to curate everyday outfits in a way that the beauty of their craft amplifies the splendor of your life. The blissful breeze flying you to exuberance doesn’t come from within but from the choices that add tranquility to your being, simple choices that transform your style and enhance many lives, conscious choices hand-woven only for you by Bayul.

Bringing slow fashion to your doorstep and allows you to indulge in your passion consciously – a coming together of comfort and style, unleashing the glamorous you with sheer satisfaction.

Induce elegance in your daily living with our personally crafted products from Bayul Creations which reflect and enhance factors that make you, you.

The Background

Sikkim is blessed by nature and its scenic beauty has attracted tourists from all over the world. The COVID-19 had a disastrous impact on many and the tourist- based economy of Sikkim was no exception. As hotels closed and livelihood opportunities narrowed the standard of living of many deteriorated, many households struggled to put food on the table.

In the quest to help the distraught, and after many conversations with these women, I realized knitting/crochet, which was always been a part of our local craft, could become much more than a leisure past time. As I reached out to women around, many were happy with the opportunity and agreed to come on board. Soon we began crafting crochet bags and as a trial, we used Instagram to introduce our product line under the brand name Bayul Creation.

The positive response we received was overwhelming for a new brand dealing in hand woven crochet products with such a small workforce. It encouraged and motivated us to upscale and expand the craft of Sikkim to pan India level. As our product portfolio widened and the demand for our work rose, growth potential for our Sikkimese women in this industry became even more evident.


In recognition of the work done the government of Sikkim felicitated Bayul Creations in 2022.

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